What is the 30-day smile trial?

We understand that finding the right water flosser is a daunting task, and that everyone is different.

We're confident that you'll love the AquaFlow Water Flosser as much as we do, and we're certain it'll deliver real, long-lasting, transformative change to your oral health. But if it's not for you, you're covered by our 30-Day Smile Trial that starts from the date you receive the AquaFlow.

There’s no better way to test out the AquaFlow than to have it in your very own home! If for any reason you're not completely in love with it, just contact us and we will organize your refund. Happier, healthier gums & teeth within 30 days, or your money back.

Will AquaFlow hurt? Is the pressure adjustable?

AquaFlow’ pulsing water jets feel much more comfortable than traditional string floss. With adjustable pressure, AquaFlow can feel like a thorough gum massage even for sensitive gums. 

Start at the lowest setting and slowly increase the pressure to your comfort level. As your gum health improves, you will be able to comfortably handle higher pressures. 

Additionally, our testers report that warm water works better for those with sensitive teeth/gums.

Can children use a water flosser?

Yes, absolutely. We do recommend supervision when they start out to ensure the correct technique is used. We also recommend your kids start at the lowest pressure setting.

Can people with sensitive teeth use AquaFlow?

Yes absolutely! Dental professionals recommend using a water flosser over string floss because you can choose which setting is suitable for you. AquaFlow Water Flosser is equipped with 5 different pressure settings making it suitable for water flossing beginners and Experts. 

If you’re new to using a water flosser we recommend starting on the lowest pressure setting and slowly increasing over time as you become more comfortable.

How often should I floss?

We recommend that you use AquaFlow™ twice daily before brushing your teeth for as little as a minute. By doing so you'll see maximum results with minimal effort. AquaFlow™ is the best Water Flosser available on the market cleaning teeth more effectively than the competition. 

Can I use AquaFlow if I have crooked teeth, braces, a bridge, etc?

Yes! The AquaFlow mouthpiece fits 100% of mouths, including variances and modifications. With your AquaFlow Water Flosser you will receive 5 different Nozzles that are guaranteed to fit any mouth. One of the advantages of water flossing is that water can get in tiny places that string cannot. 

Can I use mouthwash instead of water?

Mouthwash or other recommended antibacterial solutions can be used in our Water Flosser. We recommend using no more than a 1:1 ratio of solution to water. After using additives, run at least one-half reservoir of plain water through the unit to flush the water pathway.

Do not use mouthwashes or additives that contain iodine, peroxide, baking soda, or water-insoluble concentrated oils (such as Tea Tree Oil). Use of these items can reduce the product performance and will shorten the life of the unit.

Can I use my water flosser in the shower?

Yes, the AquaFlow Water Flosser is certified IPX7 waterproof, making it safe to use in the shower.

Note: Please ensure that the waterproof cap is properly inserted into the charging port before using in the shower.

Is the AquaFlow available in stores?

The AquaFloss Water Flosser is only available online. We do not sell in retail stores.

In order to bring you direct-to-consumer pricing, our products are sold exclusively online, bringing cost savings direct to consumers by cutting out the middleman.

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